Y Sridhar reddy

Sridhar Reddy Yarva is a man of many talents. A Gold Medalist from “MADHU FILM INSTITUTE OF ACTING” he has been in the Film Industry for the last 20 Years and is a renowned Choreographer and Director, and was a Creative Head in Pawan Kalyan Creative Arts.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva started his career as a Choreographer assisting Shaimak Dawar in Mumbai and has choreographed many song sequences in Tollywood.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva is also an expert in Martial Arts Forms like Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Boxing, and Okinawa Martial Arts. He has trained some of the Top Film Stars in the Industry in this respect and has also composed and designed Fight sequences for films like Tammudu, Khusi, Johnny.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva has been the back bone and the Founder Chairman of “TEMPLE OF ARTS”. With all his 25 years of experience and expertise in Dance and Martial arts he has been training aspiring individuals in “TEMPLE OF ARTS” in forms of Martial Arts, Traditional and Western Dance, Yoga and Aerobics for the past 5 years.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva’s main aim of establishing “TEMPLE OF ARTS” is to cater a platform for future generations for maintaining Physical fitness via Art Forms, with the help of which they can develop a healthy and positive attitude in personal and professional life.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva has been conducting Cultural activities and fund raising programs through “TEMPLE OF ARTS” in aid of Government, Film and Television Associations, and other organizations.

Sridhar Reddy Yarva is a visionary. His dream is to take “TEMPLE OF ARTS” to International standards, and thereby achieving a name for the Country and his team.



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