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The Temple of Arts (BHEL) was established in the year 1996, which is allocated by the BHEL management for the promotion of arts and games, there are about nearly 500 hundred children taking coaching in it, the events are Taekwondo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Gymnastics, Yoga, Meditation, Classical dance, Western dance, Music vocal, arts and crafts, and fitness Aerobics, these all are temple of arts regular events. Management for the promotion of arts and games, there are about nearly 200 children taking coaching in temple of arts, the events are Taekwondo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Yoga, Meditation, Classical Dance, Western Dance, Music Vocal, Arts & Crafts and Fitness Aerobics, these all are Temple of Arts regular events.

Temple of Arts children participated in state and national events and also performed for the television and movies with their excellent performance.

The Temple of Arts organized the first women 2k run in the year 2007 there are about more than 1000 participation took part in it.

The Temple of Arts providing free coaching for special care children and economically back ward classes, and running the Temple of Arts in non-commercial attitude.

The Temple of Arts started free summer coaching camp in Taekwondo, Boxing, kick-Boxing, Yoga, Meditation, Gymnastics and crafts.

Temple of Arts active participation in social activities like Environmental Programmes, Pollution, Health, Flood Relief and Blood Camps.

Temple of Arts achieve popularity in very short span to say we have appreciations from sports, Associations, Sports Authorities, Charities, Collector, Hyderabad Police, BHEL executive directors, Special care school etc.

We are very much thankful to BHEL management for your extreme support for the development of the Temple of Arts

We request and expect the same cooperation and encouragement, from the concern authorities for the Temple of Arts to serve the community with a fusion of spirituality and fitness.





















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