Arts & Crafts

Teaching arts and crafts to children is a very rewarding experience. It provides them with an outlet for creative expression in a fun environment and a sense of accomplishment and pride. Simple projects using safe materials with age-appropriate directions that can be completed in about an hour work best. Seeing the smiles on their faces is well worth the time it takes to prepare for and give a lesson.

Tips tips for learning
Children have lots of energy and limited attention spans (depending on the age group). Crafts created for holidays or as gifts may require more than one period and each child can prepare in advance by using rubber stamps or cutting images from magazines, travel guide books or expired wallpaper sample books to keep in his own craft box. Expired wallpaper sample books are free for the asking at home decorator stores. Mat board pieces can be found at frame shops (sometimes free, just ask). Each child also appreciates a little one-on-one attention and guidance with their project and all need lots of praise in whatever they are doing. There will be accidents; keep cleanup supplies handy.


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Rainbow International School (Beeramguda, Patancheru)

International School of Hyderbad (ICRISAT,Patancheru)

Jain Heritage Cambridge International school(Kondapur, Masidbanda)

Gowtham Model Schools(The K12 Technoservices)

Vikas Concept School(Hyderbad)


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